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保険業界の将来 - 中国

エクイニクスおよびKapronasiaによるこのレポートは、 中国の金融市場で起きている変化と、その意味と課題および高度なデータアナリティクス(ADA)がいかに業界においてますます重要な役割を果たすかについて検証しています。

In the past 10 years, China’s financial industry has seen countless reforms as the government both modernizes and opens up the financial industry in an effort to make the country one of the key financial centers globally, including elevating China’s insurance industry to the level of its international peers.

保険会社に最適なテクノロジーインフラは、Interconnected Oriented Architecture™(IOA)を活用することで、以下を実現できます。

  • New product launches, including futures, short-selling and margin trading and mobile payments
  • New regulation, such as C-ROSS, from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC)

Many [Chinese] insurers have robust customer facing platforms and technology can help them to address their customer needs, but increasingly these systems will need to be the basis of a much more sophisticated data analysis platform. It is that technology that will not only help firms to meet their regulatory requirements, but increasingly develop a competitive advantage in the industry.




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