Data Sheet

Equinix Fabric™ Enablement - Seamless Connectivity

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With Equinix Fabric™, Equinix delivers end-to-end capabilities that help enterprises build scalable, highly available, resilient, cost-efficient and secure interconnected cloud environments.


  • Increase speed and performance with automated, near real-time provisioning to multiple cloud service providers
  • Increase security by deploying applications within your data center’s local area network
  • Lower your total cost of private network connectivity to cloud service providers
  • ハイブリッドマルチクラウド
  • ネットワークサービスプロバイダー
  • コンテンツおよびデジタル メディア
  • クラウドサービス
  • ネットワーク最適化
  • デジタル変革