我々は、エクイニクスがIBX SmartViewで、クロスコネクトの稼働率やパフォーマンスから様々なデータセンターのキャパシティやサービスの動的なエンドツーエンドコストまで、静かに広範にわたるデータの組み込みや分析に取り組んでいると確信しています。


Amid Political Turbulence, Equinix Rides High on Digital Services Wave in Brazil

Despite economic anxiety and political uncertainty, Equinix Brazil continues to grow in a market where businesses recognize the need to go digital or go home. This 451 report highlights why Equinix Brazil is thriving and how it is serving customers in the Brazilian market.


Equinix inherited a strong professional and IT services arm with its acquisition in Brazil.
Brazilian enterprises expect a package of comprehensive services that helps them re-architect and migrate their IT infrastructure.y
Brazilian companies looking for international expansion will find Equinix’s footprint and interconnect services attractive.


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