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Applications and Content Acceleration

Equinix enables you to accelerate content and application delivery with high-performance IT infrastructure and interconnections, including connectivity to cloud services. Platform Equinix™ global data centers and Equinix Performance Hub™ will help you achieve the transformative IT flexibility and efficiency needed to increase content and application performance, as well as improve your agility in reacting to changing market conditions and customer requirements. Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables you to directly access public cloud services to build out hybrid cloud networks and increase your ability to scale your content and application delivery capabilities.



Accelerate Content and Application Delivery

Build a high-performance content and application delivery infrastructure based on fast, direct interconnections and efficient, geographically distributed content delivery systems. You’ll see significant improvements in your content delivery network (CDN) responsiveness, increased user satisfaction and, ultimately, a greater return on your CDN infrastructure investment.

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