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Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: The information provided below is intended for customers in Spain and Portugal who are part of the Itconic acquisition by Equinix. Customers who had special arrangements with Itconic and only applicable for SPAIN, for example, Spanish Government customers or Cloudmas customers, please contact our Integration team at (Spain) and (Portugal), to confirm these are relevant to you.

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What happens if I am currently invoiced quarterly, and when is this going to change?

How does the alignment of the invoice period and service period start date affect us?

How will having two invoicing cycles a month affect us?

My services period for recurring and non-recurring services starts mid-month, when will I receive the invoice?

How will I receive the invoices from your ECO system?

How do I know the invoices I have received via email are real?

Can Equinix send invoices by post?

We receive multiple invoices. Can you send these to various contacts in our organization?

Will the invoices we receive in the future look like the invoices we receive today?

Can I receive one single invoice if I have recurring and non-recurring services.

Why do I have to provide purchase order by 26th prior to service period is due to begin?

We issue annual purchase orders. Will this be a problem?

Why are you changing my payment terms if they are over 60 days?

I have multiple payment terms on my account. How will the new terms impact me?

Why are you changing the way we make payment to you?