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Frequently Asked Questions – Cage Cabinet Details

Your cage/cabinet/rack names will change!

As you migrate to the new Equinix systems your cage/cabinet/rack names will change. To manage the transition from old names to new we recommend that you log into the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and from the Install Base page download a full excel report of all of your Equinix assets; cage, cabinet, patch panel, power, and cross connects which includes your old cabinet/rack names.

  1. Install Base Page


  2. Create an Excel report

    cage-cabinet-details-create-an-excel report

  3. In the Excel version of the report you will see your old cabinet/rack names listed alongside the new Equinix names:


    worksheet_cabinet_A20-J20When raising requests in the Equinix Customer Portal you will need to select the new Equinix cage/cabinet names so understanding the transition is important.

  4. Placing an order using new Cage/Cabinet names:


    Example New Cage Name:


    How are Patch Panels referenced?

    As you migrate to the new Equinix systems your patch panel names will change. Below we have explained what you will see. You can download a report containing all your new patch panel names cross referenced against their old names from the Equinix Customer Portal on the ‘Install Base’ page.

    Example New Patch Panel Name: PP:0213:1234456

    • PP – Patch Panel / CP – Customer Provided Patch Panel
    • 0213 – Cabinet the Patch Panel is located in
    • 1234456 – Unique Patch Panel identifier #

If you have any further questions regarding Equinix Customer Care, please contact your CSM, or you can reach out to the Customer Care Integration Team on for customers in Spain, or for customers in Portugal.

Thank you for your attention.