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Itconic and Cloudmas Customer Resource Center

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Customer Care Information

Providing our customers with first class support is our priority. With the help of your Customer Success Managers (CSM), we will work with you to ensure your integration into the Equinix Customer One™ program will be straightforward

As we progress with migrating our customers you will be notified of various changes affecting the way you do business with us. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is on-hand to support you during this process. Your CSM will help you to access our International Business Exchanges™ (IBX®), guide you on how to place orders, ship equipment, and answer any related questions that may arise.

Whilst the integration is in process, you will not have access to the Equinix Customer Portal or the Equinix Global Service Desk. We will notify you of the date when you will have access nearer the time. The following information is to ensure you know what to do once the integration is complete.

The information we shared with you via email and further details of these changes can be found on this page. Please read this information as it will help you prepare. Please also note, this Resource Center will be updated and we encourage you to refer back here for more information over the next couple of months.

If you cannot find answers to your questions in this Resource Center, please contact your Equinix Customer Care Integration team on for customers in Spain, or for customers in Portugal.

Your Account Team at Equinix

  1. Account Manager (AM)

    Your AM will continue to support your account and assist you with commercial matters. These may include:

    • New or Additional Racks - Capacity – Power - Network Products or Managed Services
    • Migration/Termination/Novation Requests
    • Global Programs
    • New Business
    • Strategic Initiatives
    • Client Escalations
  2. Customer Success Manager (CSM)

    Your CSM will be your main point of contact for post sales enquiries and escalations. These may include:

    • Service Delivery Co-ordination of Deployment - Internal and external co-ordination of service implementation
    • Account and Service Management – Post sales enquiries
    • Escalations – Unresolved issues within the business
    • Audit Support – Booking meeting room, attendees for audits and agenda
    • Security Access and Restrictions – Ensuring the customer is aware of the security restrictions
    • On-boarding / Portal Support – Welcome to Equinix Pack to guide customers on how to find support
    • General support within Equinix
  3. Sales Engineer (SE)

    Your SE is the technical point of contact who will provide support to you and your AM. These will include:

    • Design new deployments or expansion of existing deployments
    • Design changes in configuration when requested
    • Handover deployments to project manager or onsite teams for installation
  4. Billing Analyst (BA)

    Your BA will support you and your team with any queries relating to invoices and invoicing escalations.

Once you are fully integrated onto the ECO platform and have established access to the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), you can go to the Support tab in the ECP to find the contact details of your account team. If you are unable to access the ECP, please contact the Global Service Desk (GSD) and they will guide you.

Equinix Customer One ™ (ECO)

The ECO platform streamlines processes and business interactions to ensure global alignment and a clear and consistent customer experience. This program was designed to empower our customers by providing greater flexibility and efficiency options.

The Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)

Once fully integrated, colocation orders, service requests and trouble tickets will be accessible via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). The ECP is a web portal enabling customers to conduct business with Equinix. The ECP is the quickest and most efficient way of requesting services as this will eliminate the manual processing of requests which can take longer.

The ECP provides four key functions:

  • User Management
  • Services
  • Operations
  • Support Instructions

You will be able to access the portal at any time that is convenient to you. Some of the services include:

  • Managing your User List and Permissions
  • Creating new orders and viewing submitted orders
  • Raising trouble tickets
  • Downloading reports, including your Install Base Report
  • Checking your invoices

Please be aware, there are several ways to create a trouble ticket. Creating trouble tickets via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) is the preferred method as it is quicker and more efficient. You may only create trouble tickets via the ECP for colocation or network products. For other services, please contact the GSD directly.

For clear instructions on how to access the ECP, please use the following link for an easy-to-use tutorial If you need assistance with the portal, you can contact your CSM.

The ECP is available for colocation customers only. For Managed Services, customers should contact their CSM.

The Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD)

Once the integration is complete, the GSD (or as it is also frequently referred to, the Service Desk) is the initial point of contact for customer service issues. The GSD provides 24/7 support for the following:

  • Trouble tickets – for issues relating to contracted service
  • Smart Hands ™ - when customers need support from Equinix IT regarding IBX deployments
  • Shipping and loading to your IBX
  • IBX access registration including temporary access and revocation of access

For urgent Equinix support issues, customers should call the service desk and they will be routed to the appropriate support service.
For colocation activities, customers can contact the GSD by telephone or email or alternatively via our feature-rich Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). For colocation customers, the GSD can be contacted by telephone or by email. The GSD provides 24/7 support in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

GSD Contacts:
Local Toll Free: +34911238857 for Spain and +351308810818 for Portugal

Email: and

Before accessing the GSD for the first time, you will need to register your contact details on the Equinix Customer Portal. When you register with the ECP for the first time, you will be provided with a 4-digit code which you will need to authenticate yourself when you contact the GSD.

If you have any questions, before the integration is complete, please contact the Customer Care Integration Team on

To further support you, we are providing a series of Frequently Asked Questions in the next sections below. We hope this will provide you with the answer to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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