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Operations FAQs

We have refined our service and support processes for our customers to meet Equinix’s global standards. Here you will find what is new in the Equinix support process, changes in ticket priorities, ticket severity definitions and service level agreements (SLA), new flow and model of incident notifications and fullfilment and technical validation and testing system for what is being delivered.

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Will there be any changes to Equinix’s support process?

Equinix is improving all of its customer service and support processes, following recommended best practices and prioritizing the customer above all else. The first major change will be in our tickets classification process. We currently classify customer tickets as Incidents or Requests. Starting in October this classification will be replaced by a unique ticket identification system. All tickets will be uniquely identified by a simple sequence of eleven numbers, following the model 1-12345678910.

We are also formalizing via email the change management process for Managed Services, which will become much more organized and visible, and the troubleshooting process, which will analyze an issue’s root cause in a transparent manner. The purpose of all these processes is to boost the overall quality of our managed services.

Will there be any changes to ticket priorities, severity classifications or SLAs?

SLAs and severities will remain the same. However, when opening tickets in the Portal, customers can indicate the type of impact caused by each issue in their environment, which will help us prioritize support efforts.

Will there be any changes to the customer notification of commit dates?

All communication and alignment of product and service commit dates will be carried out by a specialized team: the CPMs (Customer Project Managers) for new projects or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for eventual upgrades and specific purchases in an already active environment.

Will there be any changes to the notifications I usually receive from Equinix?

The entire notification flow will be reviewed and new communication models will be implemented, in order to provide more information and transparency to our customers. Notifications of service incidents in “Infrastructure as a Service” will be more proactive and informative. New service activation notifications will also be more detailed and the maintenance and change management process will become more transparent. This all comes from Equinix’s adoption of international quality standards across all countries where the company operates.

How will the conclusion of service orders be notified during the product’s activation?

Customers will automatically receive an email indicating which items are being activated, along with a brief description of each activation’s components and location. In other words, customers will receive a simple and objective summary. However, it is important to note that, despite all automatic notifications, all communication and alignment of deliveries will be carried out by a specialized team – the CPMs (Customer Project Managers) or the CSMs.

Once my services have been activated, will I be able to test them to make sure they have been configured as expected before beginning use and billing operations?

Yes, this will continue to be done as it is today. For any fullfilment of a new service, we contact our customers to test and validate what is being delivered. The only change here is the validation will be performed for a wider range of products, including colocation and connectivity services.